About AminTeb


Founded in 1997, Amin Teb is a leading importer and distributor of surgical and medical equipments in Iran. Our distributing business goes beyond fulfillment to provide our clients a unique service. The primary goal of all our efforts is to provide medical and surgical instrument based on modern technology and science .We have authorized exclusive representation of different companies around the world. In the following, the list of them with some of their products is mentioned:

Surgicon (PVT) Limited (Surgical Instrument)

Besmed Health Business Corp (Ambu Bag)

Comfort Orthopedic CO., LTD (Electric Wheelchair)

Easepal (Massage Chair, Back Massage)

Honsun (Nantong) CO., LTD (Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Thermometer, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Nebulizer, etc.)

S.C.A (Sterilization container and Surgical Instrument)

CA-MI (Suction, Otoscope, Spirometer, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.)

Jiangsu Konsung Medical Equipment CO., LTD (Oxygen Concentrator)

Paramount Surgimed LTD (Surgical Instrument)

Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Manufactory (LTD) (Wheelchair, Walker, Rollator, etc.)

Welmed (Surgical Instrument)

Prime Star (Surgical Instrument)

CME (Video Endoscope System, Lens, etc.)

Medi Plus (Surgical Instrument)

Provix CO (CCD Camera)

In today's business environment, companies need to continually reinvent themselves. At Amin Teb, we have expanded our activities from distributing to production and gain a remarkable market share in healthcare industry in Iran.

As a distributor and producer we have different representation in different cities of Iran, mainly located in Tehran with several stores providing productions including surgical instruments, hospital equipments, video endoscope systems, respiratory products, rehabilitation equipments, massage and family health production.

To fulfill our aims, with professional and experienced employees, we put our efforts to develop our products and activities more than ever.

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